The Ayalim Leadership program

Ayalim Association
Part of Matanel since 2018

Ayalim has set the goal of building the future generation of Israeli leadership among its students. We believe that Ayalim is a platform for connecting the young Jewish leadership in Israel to the one in the diaspora and the United States it particular.
The Leadership program locates students who have the potential to lead student communities to and take part in national, educational and social change in the Geo-Social periphery of Israel. The program equips the village leaders with tools that will enable them to build the foundation of new active and socially involved communities in the Negev, Galilee and Lod.
The Leadership training program an in-depth knowledge of fundamental issues in Israeli society and the history of the Jewish people, strengthening Jewish Zionist identity through tools from the Jewish bookshelf and finally connecting them with the young Jewish leaders around the world.


With over 46% of the Ayalim Graduates that choose to remain in the Negev and the Galilee each year, Ayalim is the greatest national movement for young adults in the Israeli Periphery.
This helps us understand that the process that the Ayalim leadership program; is working – managing to give the tools to the village leaders in order for them to fulfil the Ayalim vision – building strong, stedfast and involved communities throughout Israel’s periphery. The are excelling in exposing the students in the village to the challenges and the opportunities in these areas; and so the students choose to remain and live in these areas as they graduate!

Each year more and more students are applying for the Ayalim leadership team which too points out to us that the program is meaningful and interesting for the ones joining.

Ayalim has been defined by the Israeli government as a national program with
22 Villages and alumni communities – that Home over 1,500 students and young adults. They volunteer hundreds hours a year, adding up to 500,000 Hours of Social involvement in the Negev and Galilee working with over 20,000 Children and at risk youth in areas that lack the human and financial resources needed in order to minimize the educational and social gaps between Israel’s centre and periphery.


Ayalim is constantly reaching out to new communities, new students and new frameworks! We see our selves as a resource for local municipalities, as each year tens of municipalities turn to Ayalim in order to build a new student village in the city – to grow a meaningful young community with in the city. Ayalim attempt to establish as many platform as possible in which a change can be led.
We understand the building a new village in the city ripples: young motivated adults living in the city, volunteering in the city and eventually remain to live in the city.

In addition, over the years youngsters from all over the world visited and volunteered in our student villages together with Ayalims students and volunteers. This has made us realise that Ayalim is a bridge for connecting the young Jewry of the world round “Asiya” – Doing! being socially active!
Thus, we wish to focus during 2020-2022 on building connections with young Jewish leaders over the world and in the US in particular. Groups and individuals which will find Ayalim as a platform to get to knows their peers and a platform to connect to the land of Israel.


Hagai Hakun

Background: Hagai is 28 years old and is originally from the Galilee. Hagai is a BED graduate for education in the Tel-Aviv collage “Seminar HaKibbutzim”.
Hagai has a lot of experience in the Educational and social field and is extremely passionate in creating an inner change throughout Israel’s periphery, using education as a tool and platform.
Between 2015-2017 he initiated and managed the “Legal rights center in Jaffa” – a project which was adopted by the Tel-Aviv-Jaffa municipality. During the years he has been involved in serval educational programs, focusing on underprivileged children and youth programs in southern Tel-Aviv.

Ayalim: Today Hagai is Director of the “Centre Region” of Ayalim, that includes the 3 Lod student villages and our newest village in the city of Or Yehuda. Within this position he is in charge of the Student village leaders, mentoring and guiding them; he is responsible for the entire volunteering program of the 3 villages and is also in charge for the connection with the local municipalities that Ayalim works with in the Centre Region.

In addition, he is the manager of the Ayalim leadership – fully in charge of building the yearly plan, the tours and the program content.
The program focuses on acknowledging the different sides of the Israeli society, building leadership tools and finally building communities amongst the villages that will chose to live and be socially active in Israel’s periphery.
As a big believer in educational process, Hagai takes these talented individuals (the student village leaders) and exposes them through the program to the tools needed in order to create a true change in Israel’s most challenging areas, learning the opportunities of these areas and getting to know their local community.
For the Last three years he has been devoted to make sure that the programs content are divers, updated and authentic. He has managed to excel this task and create a thriving, interesting and educational Leadership program.