Nyuki, rucher-école

Asbl Coup de Pouce
Part of Matanel since 2010

The strong conviction that from impact philanthropy it is possible to build a sustainable economic system has lead to the structuring of the micro private equity social fund Be Nyuki. Its purpose is to initiate the funding of the acquisition of the equipment to open the beekeeping workshop and of the micro leasing of production tools (beehives, smokers, gloves, rubber boots, outfits and protective hats). We use to say that the true gold is honey seeing its numerous benefits.


We have noticed these last 3 years a significant increase in the production (40%) and therefore of our income and in the quality as well as an expansion of our market (with a high rate of loyalty from private consumers and local distributors). We have received orders from other cities in Congo (Kolwezi, Kinshasa and Goma) and from abroad (Switzerland, Belgium, Luxembourg and Italy) due notably to the honey shortage is growing worldwide and the trends for bio honey.


From now on, we plan to expand our Be Nyuki project as follows :
1. to train new beekeepers in association with APEFE (https://www.apefe.org/) who already organizes training sessions at the Green Mango Centre,
2. to install additional beehives in our centre for demonstration purpose. This will required to reinforce the plot fences.
3. to create beehive farms with new material -in polystyrene (http://bijenhof.e-motions.be/cataloog/level1.aspx?lang=F&groep_code=Z14)
4. to partner with high quality bio food producers of vitamin sweets for kids in Kinshasa or chocolate such the chocolaterie Lowa founded in Goma by Mr Alexi Kalinda.

These conditions will ease new developments and offer opportunities to duplicate in Israel or in any other country the “basic” scheme aiming to fund production tools through micro leasing. Especially since the repayment rate is high and that a micro insurance if available could also offer an additional guarantee. In supporting impact entrepreneurs, we could generate new resources for the next applicants of micro leasings and insure the sustainability a true business model with financial and social dividends.


Virginie Issumo

Since very early, Virginie is committed to social and humanitarian work in her native country Congo DR. Strongly convinced that local projects which involve actively the beneficiaries and the stakeholders can efficiently improve or solve issues such as poverty, ignorance, scarcity -food, energy, water, housing and jobs-, violence or health problems. Thanks to the support of her family, friends and philanthropists, she has initiated projects in the areas of the social rehabilitation of street children, education with the granting of scholarships and professional training, the equipment and building of classrooms in various schools in Kinshasa, Kisangani and Lubumbashi.
The beekeeping workshop (rucher-école) offers a unique showcase of this mission to train young people and adults for a worthy work, to protect the environment and to raise awareness within the whole community on the importance of their economic and personal autonomy and to maintain their ecosystem for the long run. Her role consists in the set-up of the strategy in terms of marketing and development, the fundraising and the coordination of the team and the beekeepers and their coach.