Music Lod

The Lod Community Foundation
Part of Matanel since 2019

Music connect and bring people together

מוסיקה מחברת בין אנשים ויוצרת מכנה משותף


In the last 7 years that the project is operated we manage to bring excellent and professional music education to hundreds of underprivileged children in Lod. We gave them the ability to dream, to learn from the best teachers and to bring their best qualities to action. some of them continue to the IDF band, they all are very serious and taking their lessons very seriously. We have been able to bring the most appreciated performance in Israel for extra workshops to let the children learn first hand what it is like to be a musician.


The way the project can be duplicate is to gather a group of children and professionals teachers- someone needs to operate the project, recruiting the children and the teachers. there is a need for space to practice and but the instruments.


Rony Orenstein

Rony Orenstein is a project manager of the Lod community foundation. In addition, she manages the music-Lod project with the musical manager of the project. The musical manager is responsible of the professional content, prepening the children to preform and bring them to the next level with their instructors. Together they are making the Auditions, Rony is taking care of every child, manage to bring them the most professionals ins tractors and activities besides the actual learning.

Rony is a lawyer in her education and holds an MBA. Her belief is never let and child behind.