Haredi Science Center

Technoda Madaat- Science & Technology Education Center
Part of Matanel since 2018

Our vision is:
A. To give the children a safe environment especially during vacations and holidays while they are not under the supervision of any formal system.
B. To expose children to science and technology.
C. To bridge social and economic gaps in Israeli society by providing a supportive educational framework for children from weaker populations at their free time with emphasis on technology and science.

The main goals of the project are to bring the younger generation of Haredi (ultra-orthodox) youngsters closer to science and technology, with the aim of creating a contributing citizens who are integrated in everyday life. The Secondary goals is to stimulate the curiosity among the students to engage in a variety of science and technology fields, and to change attitude regarding science and technology among the general Israeli Haredi population.


The main program’s achievement is seen in the increase in visits of ultra-Orthodox groups and schools visiting the Technoda. Some as newly visitors and some returns for different workshops.
Nonetheless, we witness an increase of ultra-orthodox families visits our various facilities during the year and on holidays events.


We think we will be able to duplicate the project to other populations in Israel. Science is knowledge that could probably change the world. That is why we think is possible to expand this amazing program we did with Haredi youngsters also to the Arab community in Israel or even as a way to unite Arabs and Jews in Israel with their curiosity for science as a way to know each other and to help them interact.

We would like also to expand the program to the special needs community. They are mostly very curious and not always understood. Giving them the possibility to interact and learn about science like everybody else will give them the strength to overcome everything.

We believe that the younger generation has the capacity and the potential to change perceptions and attitudes about each other. It is, thus, so important to bring these populations closer to one another. We choose to do so in a scientific environment because science is universal.

Actually, our experience shows that the time youth spend together leads to closeness, better understanding and mutual tolerance.


Dr. Gadi Mador

Dr. Gadi Mador Has served as the Technoda Chief Executive Officer since 1991.He manages a team of over 140 employees and has transformed the Technoda Science and Technology center from a community center to an institution that welcomes over 250,000 visits a year.
Under his management, the Technoda expanded vastly and today includes 12 Science and Technology labs, a Planetarium and Stellar Observatory, a Museum Science Park and a one of a kind Medical Simulation Unit. These days Dr. Mador is about to open the one of a kind Museum of Medicine and Science. The Museum has 7 unique interactive exhibitions
Prior to managing the Technoda, he was a Physics coordinator and teacher in several high schools in Israel. Dr. Mador holds a PhD in Medical Education and an MSc in Physics, both from The Technion Haifa.