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The AMIT Tiferet Gur Arye Pre-Military Technological Junior College
AMIT Hammer, Rehovot
Yozmot Atid
MERCi Foundation
Yaacov Herzog Center for Jewish Studies
Office of the Chief Rabbi
Tenufa Bakehila
The Society for Advancement of Education, Jerusalem
SHEKEL - Inclusion for People with Disabilities
Raise Your Spirits Theatre
Musrara, the Naggar School of Art and Society
Asbl Coup de Pouce
The Lod Community Foundation
Meitarim Lachish Mechina
The zionist council in Israel- Mechinat Ami-Chai
Alma Home for Hebrew Culture
The Van Leer Jerusalem Institute
Kedma - for social and educational equality in Israel
Amutat Kaima
Hertzliya Hebrew Gymnasium - JustSpirulina
Hertzliya Hebrew Gymnasium - JustSpirulina
Bar Kayma - Internal Compass
The Ruth Vrobel Foundation
Technoda Madaat- Science & Technology Education Center
Beit Yatir Pre-Army Torah Academy
Israel Center for Excellence Through Education
Afikim Family Enrichment Association
Tel Aviv University, Ben Gurion University, Hebrew University, Haifa University

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